Barabbas gro-karnac

Half-orc Warlord


Barabbas gro-Kahnac, Half Orc Warlord- Possessed of an animal cunning he is a Centurion in the XIII Legion. Recruited from prison where he was incarcerated for assault, Barabbas led many commando missions and prefers to use guile than all out strength. Currently detached from the XIII, he is on a mission to find and kill the man who murdered the Legions commander, Praetor Lupo. Though not leader of the band he is their tactical commander. He has struck up an uneasy friendship with Kildrak. He worships Kord, praying to him for luck before a battle and dedicating his victories to the god.

Barabbas keeps his hair cropped short in the style of the Legions above his grey/green face. His eyes are a bright blue colour, unusual in an orc. On the left side of his neck there is a strange brand in the shape of a snowflake and tattooed on his right bicep is the mark of his Legion,a XIII in the old numerals of Vaporia.

Barabbas gro-karnac

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