Agatian Empire

The Agatian empire was founded over 500 years ago by Emperor Septimus Agatius. Agatius was the King of a small fiefdom in South West Vaporia. Before the time of the Empire western Vaporia was divided into many small nations. The rulers of the western kingdoms fought with each other over banditry but the Kuruthian Empire was looking to expand its frontier. The Kuruthians moved into lands ruled by the western Kings and systematically began to conquer them. After they had subdued the Kingdom of Thespias, Septimus’ eastern neighbor Kuruthia set their sights of Septimus’ realm of Fargate.

Things might have been dire were it not for Yemon. Many years before the fall of Thespias Yemen entered Septimus’ throne room and offered Septimus all the west if he would listen to his advice. Septimus laughed at him and demanded why he, the ruler of the Bay should listen to the crackpot mutterings of a stranger. Yemen broke Septimus’ throne with a thrown word, revealing his power. Septimus was humbled and sat and listened as Yemen spoke.

When they were done talking Septimus began touring the frontiers of his kingdom, taking in refugees from the deposed kingdoms, arming them and winning their hearts with promises of vengeance. Septimus sent emissaries to his neighbors and rivals. He bribed those that would be brought, made peace with those that would see reason and played those who would not off against each other, made war on the weakened winners and divided up the lands between his new allies.

So it came to pass that when Kuruthia attacked, Septimus unleashed his army to repel them. While Kuruthia fought Septimus, Septimus’ new allies harried at Kuruthias flanks so that Kuruthia was not fighting of just one front but often two or three at a time. Septimus fought Kuruthia in a bitter war of attrition, each inch of ground fought and paid for in blood but in the end Kuruthia retreated and Septimus was able to reclaim much of the lands lost by the other rulers.

Agatian legionnaires in the war of settlement

Septimus took these rulerless lands for himself, and having delivered on his promise of vengeance the people loved him. Yemen warned Septimus that the years following the great war would not be peaceful ones and when one of his Generals, Magnus Mauthis, a former rival tried to seize power for himself Septimus was ready. For many years he fought against a vicious rebellion from within his extended Kingdom and always triumphed. He brought his soldiers victory and they loved him for it with each new win.

When Magnus was defeated Septimus declared himself Emperor and named his capital city and the Empire for himself. Yemen advised him that the love of the people was what would keep him in power and Septimus created the Senate, an elected body of representatives from all across Agatia.

The Empire ruled in the west alongside Kuruthia. Agatia continued to expand, conquering neighboring kingdoms in much the same way that Kuruthia had done before its founding. Eventually everything west of the river Eldrahorn and south of the Great Peaks was ruled by the Agatians. When the great war between the Tumarian Dynasty and the Kuruthian Empire broke out, Agatia chose to remain neutral and prospered for it.

When Anduriel cast down the Kuruthians Agatia expanded east and took the lands once held by their neighbors, now ruling almost all of the continent of Vaporia. Though many Emperors and Empresses mounted campaigns in The North none succeeded in conquering that stubborn nation.

However as time passed so the greatness that once permeated Agatia began to seep away and age. Generation after generation produced cruel rulers, unable to see past their own petty hungers. Anger and outrage at selfish atrocities committed by the Emperor Golstus were met with tantrums in which he would order those who spoke out against him executed in increasingly gruesome public spectacles. The Empires final days ended with the Night of the Blades.

The sack of agate

General Hyboria, either with good intentions or selfish jealous ones, assassinated Emperor Golstus and imposed martial law over the city of Agatius. Sensing the opportunity others, moved to seize control, murdering Hyboria and ten dark years of civil war carved Agatia up into pieces. Many of the lands far from the capitol broke away, ignored by government they set about governing themselves. A new Emperor, Jussika now sits of the throne but his reach is short and he is only recognised by those closest to Agatius and what is now known as the Imperial City.

Agatian Empire

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